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The platform that connects people wishing to work with associations and helps them find the right person for their projects.

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Isolated volunteer, what is it?

An isolated volunteer is a person who wants to give his time for the benefit of various associations without having to join one of them, sometimes for lack of time or by wanting to defend multiple causes that are close to him. heart. You are an isolated volunteer and you cannot find associations offering you to participate in an action on an ad hoc basis? Réseau Solidaire invites you to participate in the actions of its partners.

Why me?

The various crises that are shaking the modern world have only multiplied the causes for which it is necessary to invest. More than ever, the French associations need you to carry out the missions that constitute it. On Réseau Solidaire, you can therefore choose to defend several causes, because each action is carried out on an ad hoc basis and without commitment to the association.








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